Gavin & Trish Conway's Allotment

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20 Oct - Woodwork is getting as lick of paint!!

24 Oct - more chutney.... Green tomato + apple + plum + apricot.. Tastes a bit firey to start off with - will have to wait a white to mature now.

Winter Broad beans doing well in their pots..  Garlic bulbils popping out of the modules.. must have huge roots - must plant out soon!!

            Acer in the garden - stunning..                               Loads of manure and greens in the compost heap at the plot - now overflowing..

27 Oct - Planting the first over wintering early early broad beans

Covered with a cloche as I hadn't hardened them off.... Oooops!!        and some winter onions which will be ready as green onions on 1st May

3 Nov - More painting on the shed      - 3 coats ... finished!!

4 Nov - Last of the sweetcorn cut down and composted.. 3" manure added and forked in to get ready for garlic, leeks and onions.

Pallet firewood and a pile of roots drying to be bon fired

5 Nov - Thought I'd gone to heaven today.  I'd been contemplating gathering up some leaves around the town roads but not
got around to doing it. Today I stumbled upon the council mower/hoover machine today with 2 truck loads near by...
So managed to collect 4 big compacted builders bags full of leaves... 2 went straight to the plot compost heap,
1 into a storage container and 1 for the home garden leaf mold pile...
Will collect more during the week if I can find the hoover machine again!!


22 Nov - Sowing winter peas in guttering to plant out in very early spring..   

20 Dec - Preparing compost from my bins - screening all the bigger parts out - these go into the pea trench..

         "Black Gold"                                                                       adding a bit of Blood, Fish and Bone...

Now put to bed so it stays warm and does not freeze..                               A pile of seeds arrived from

25 Dec -   This is my only Hubbard squash that I saved from the freak frost in September.... Started eating on Christmas day.. Delicious.. 

30 Dec - from the manuring a few weeks ago today I levelled off and set out my Garlic bed.

Garlic plants were started off in the greenhouse because the plot wasn't ready yet..!

Great root growth - Finished bed with all garlic now planted in blocks instead of long lines

Spread 3 loads of free Manure from the gate for the worms and rain to do their thing..             This rubbish and roots need to be burned!! 

More photos soon

Winter work.. - Dry out and burn all 5 wheelie bin loads of bad roots and weeds!!
Dig out and make level, fit roof structure and flag stone storage area - when time allows - My courier job takes quite a few hours..
Fit more screen fence panels to entrance area.  Paint all timber.


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