Gavin & Trish Conway's Allotment

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15 Aug - Dug more pathetic spuds out and the started preparing the bed for planting the Asparagus I had waiting in pots. Planted In the rain!!

15 Aug - My mini corn doing well (for cobs only).           21 Aug - Dug my onions today - 45 kg green weight..

Paddy inspecting the onions - trimmed tops a bit and stored on the greenhouse tables to dry.. 240 onions to last 7 months?? 60 kg total crop.
Note the Gem Squash on the right side...

My first "Potato Onions" like a shallot - but tastier.. Grew these from 6 bulbs..                  How's this for a truss of mini plum tomatoes..

          8 Sept - My allotment this morning... Looking good..                  Planted 2 more rows of strawbs and made a new bird netting cage..

A few Raspberries                                             and a hubbard squash

Some Black Sea Man "Beefsteak" tomatoes...                                                        A few chillies for Duncan

Gems and tomatoes in the GH..                         My only sweetcorn picked before the freak September frost struck!!

Allotment Association Show September 2012

My display of other veg.. mostly mine here..                     My winning 3 onions and best veg on show..

1st My Acorn Squash (Honey Bear)                                                                      3rd Fruit Bowl

All that I entered....

September 22nd - Freak frost - marrows, courgettes, sweetcorn all dead!!

2 ways of making east to fit Clotches...                              A flooded plot on our site- this has been like this the whole year!!

27 September - Ripening tomatoes using a banana.  Garlic ready to plant - large whites, reds (Anja) and some small baby Chesnock Red (1 yr old)

Some big cloves (30-40mm) with bulbils (3-4mm) own grown this year - from "Anja" on forum..  other bulbs that did not form into cloves - weather problems?

29 Sept - Really small Baby Corn...     and one that is really far too big and tough !! Note to self - pick them younger!!

Picked the last remaining marrows.        Like my big Hubbard?               My home made tomato sauce.. NB!!... use more red tomatoes next time..

8 Oct - Bring on the manure - lets get it spread!!                        Leeks still growing well.. these will be pulled and eaten through the winter..

Will be planting winter Broad Beans and peas here..         Time to cut and compost my comfrey planted a couple of months ago..

 11 Oct - Planted Elephant Garlic cloves... 50-70mm each!!   and Elephant bulbils - planted into modules to get started off..

Peppers and Chillies for Duncan...                   Made some dry garlic today - think i burned it a bit!! 

13 Oct - Cut off all the new strawb fruits... second flush but no sun to ripen...  Greenhouse tomatoes cleared leaving cape gooseberries and chillies.

15 Oct - Pork roast basted in blackberries and raspberries... It was rather good                           Green tomatoes in the greenhouse

  Now made into green tomato chutney!!                                        Winter onions, broad beans and garlic starting off in pots.

Baby onions                                                                     I got sent more strawberry runners :)

18 Oct - Planting the new strawberries and re-doing the nursery bed.. 8 new rows now planted - no more!!


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