Gavin & Trish Conway's Allotment

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1 April - Hawthorn in flower at the plot... so nature tells us no more frost... but snow forecast in a few days!! who is wrong??

7 + 8 April - the wind blew off my shade lean to roof the other night so have made a "Duma" one that won't blow off!! It also collects rain water..

Made a roof over the IBC to collect more rain water... drought is looming so have to catch as much as I can.

Started digging the left side end where the Currant bushes will go. Loads of roots - as always!!  Finished the 3mt section ...  my back hurts!! 

13 April - Planted red and white currants...  and a few days later some black currants and fitted tyre protectors. Now to add fabric and tree chippings.

Been occasionally digging when its dry!!  -  I cover the next patch due to be dug to keep rain off.       28 April - only 2 mt left to dig now!!
I have dug out 4 wheelie bins of roots and weeds in the last 10 mt strip.. Too wet to burn so have to store till I can dry them off enough to burn.

30 April -  Nearly finished the main digging with Duncan today.. 1st May pulled first of the winter onions for Duncan to have with white sauce for his help.

"Spot the difference" - November to May!!         Woo Hoo !! :)  All now dug... Now to earth up the spuds

5 May - Planted another 11 strawberries and a few self seeded leeks. Marked out the remaining growing area and sorted out all the planks.

Work party required to repair blocked/broken underground drainage drains.

13 May..    Q. What is this for?  a bucket in the ground with a used corn cob on a wire..                 Onions and garlic looking good. 
                                            A. Mouse trap
..   mice cant balance on a wire or a rolling cob!!        made another one today                                                                  .

From this .....................                        Nov 2011                                   
to this.... May 2012         just a bit of a difference!!


20 May - time to get the Gemsquash, summer squashes and courgettes planted..                  Home made cloches

 Now for some sunshine please.. they don't like frost or cold...              Tomatoes in the greenhouse with Chillies and Peppers for Duncan

Planted some garlic grown from "bulbils" (seed) left side of foreground.          Added fabric and wood chips around the berry bushes

                28 May -  Pruned the damson tree - it was far to high..   and burnt it in an incinerator drum.

Asparagus plants to follow the spuds...                Been busy this week - allotment Judging time is a few days away (didn't know it existed)!! 


28 - 30 May -        So had to weed the whole plot and tidy it up...                  "Plot ready for inspection Sir!!"

 Best kept Allotment comp... 3rd place..  :)

Just a slight change from November.... !!                                                    Note the long line of GemSquash on the right side fence :) cant wait..


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