Gavin & Trish Conway's Allotment

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7 Feb  -   Paddy "Incubating" my seeds in the germinating room.. AKA spare room      My early spuds are now in their chitting trays in the garage..

12 Feb - Started to clear the "Storage Area" today.... See my artists Painbrushed impression of what I will end up with.. plans may change a bit .... maybe!!

Put another shelving unit in the shed today.. 

19 Feb - Started digging he big hump of soil out next to the storage area.. Will plant early spuds this year and follow with my Asparagus seedlings

25 Feb - Dumped 36 wheelbarrow loads in the middle of the plot where it's lower. Imagine what size Kariba Bream this worm would have caught..!!

Now it's nice and level and ready for spuds to be dug in..             A bit of a transformation comparing the photo on the left to this!!

26 Feb - do I have too many Garlic to plant...??               My first OWN veg planted... 2 garlic plants... it feels like I now have a plot!!

The first full row of my own veg...... and finally 4 rows of Garlic.. 104 plants!!

4 March - Preparing and Planting first of onions.. Manured, fertilised, dug and levelled and fitted 2 scaffold plank pathways.

.. then it sleeted, hailed and rained - so I had a break. Then planted 12 rows (240)..  still a few more to go..

11 March - Manured and dug a patch (far left) between compost heap and raspberries for some Broad Beans and early Peas.. and Comfrey...

Then carried on digging for the second lot of onions... dug really deep to remove loads of roots - now for a bonfire of pallets and roots!!

13 March - The big burn - been collecting pallets and weeds to burn for collecting Potash...

   Planted out 30 Broad beans.. Cut a contractors fibreglass trench cover to use as a planting platform - wired on some kids foam matting to kneel on.

Planted the rest of the onions - another 240.. so now have 480 planted in total..

19 March - Moved the asparagus, baby garlic and "potato onions" (like shallots) to the greenhouse. Re-potted cabbage, tomatoes and some of Trish's flowers.
Planted more seeds.. Chillies and Anchocha (sort of like peppers) for Duncan, tomatoes, leeks, cape gooseberries and lettuce !!
Oh... and some flower seeds for Trish and some marigolds to companion plant with my potatoes to hopefully chase the slugs..
Also planted out my "nyimo" and rosella seed the other day.. Hope it grows in the greenhouse.

23 March - Started the strawberry bed.. manured, fertilized and started digging.. Many roots so slow process - thats them piled in the pathway.

24 March - My back is broken today.. finished digging, removing perennial weeds and levelled.. 7 hours to do 4 mt x 4 mt..

Then put down the weed suppressant fabric and started planting strawberries.  More tomorrow..

25 March - Strawberries all planted..   nest to start planting my Spuds... all rows measured, manured and ready to dig in..
                             First of many rows in....                                            and 3 rows done today... still have to ridge them up

31 March - 14 rows now planted... . Also some early Peas under the clotch and 2 rows at the bottom end. Manured the left side - now to dig it..
So far I have planted out: strawberries, potatoes, onions, garlic, raspberries, broad beans and peas..

The difference from when I got the plot in November 11 to end of March 12


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