Gavin & Trish Conway's Allotment

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1 Jan 2013 - My first sowings of the year - Mammoth Leeks for a competition amongst our forum members..                Seed sorting out..       

Fired up my birthday pressie from the boys - electric propagator with some early tomatoes on the go..         3 Feb -  Frozen Spring (bunching) onions

Sick looking over wintered broad beans - I pulled them all out and started again..                     Potatoes chitting in the garage.

                                        17 Feb -   Tried digging but too wet                             all manure added - now to get it all dug in...                     

24 Feb - Marking out and burning holes to grow veg through weed suppressant fabric.. Sweet corn, courgettes, onions and cabbages..

Potting up some early tomatoes                             Very small Leeks - just not growing fast

3 March      greenhouse filling with cold loving veg.. broab beans and onions.

31 March - Onion sets in modules as the ground at the plot is too solid!!               Bit more digging today - getting a bit more diggable.

Notice nice new spade... old one made good with a new long handle..   Burning the load of weeds dug up last year - made loads of "Potsh"

Very sick looking strawberries after winter - they will come back...        Ooops - I dropped a tray with 12 types of tomatoes... time to plant more..

7 April   -      All dug and ready to be rotavated to break up the clods...                         My show leeks - still very slow...

                             13 April               Planted 2 wheelie bins of potatoes at home and 4 at the plot + another by the greenhouse..

Duncan helping me with the rotavator..

20 April   -       My garlic is looking soooo good.. really pleased with it.

Some Elephant garlic                                                    some early peas planted and peas soaking before planting.

Some colour in the garden..

24 April  -        Laying out my weed fabric ready for planting through the holes.. Hope it saves weeding!!

Garlic in foreground and weed fabric all fitted and ready...                                   Planted another 3 rows of broad beans

Planting out my onions grown in modules and some sets..

Paddy and Foxy enjoying the "Cold Frame"                        1st May - I normally pull my first winter onions today but alas the bad weather
                                                                                                      has slowed them up.... maybe in 3 weeks time they will be ready..

Planting my first batch of tomatoes... hope the frost has gone!!

All peas planted, pathway scaffold boards placed and peas covered to protect "pea shoots" from birds..

Garlic looking great - best I've grown so far..                                    My own grown currant and gooseberry plants from cuttings.

12 May..   Planted out the first batch of sweet corn today.. 56 plants

Piping from kids play frames used to keep the scaffold netting off the plants. Netting to protect from wind and harden off + freak late frost

First comfrey cutting taken and started off brewing the Tea...

Finished planting another 9 toms in the GH.. total 23 planted.             Fitted the support stings to the broad beans + removed pea netting.



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