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Fitting Instructions and YouTube Videos
These videos are all you need to be able to fit your own decals and signs

Option # 1 - Easiest way to fit Short signs  
Top hinge method or Long signs  (skip first 90 seconds of this clip)
Option # 2 -  Bulky / Multi line signs Centre hinge method

Option # 3 -  Big signs using wet method Centre hinge with TRANSFER TAPE on top of the decal.. see note below

Option # 3A - Big signs using wet method without TRANSFER TAPE on top of the decal.. see note below   

Option # 4 - Small signs / decals / stickers Peel and stick

Step By Step - written instructions guide  with photos for option 1 + 2


Note.. Wet Method - option 3 / 3A - for the Application Fluid / Liquid - use a spray bottle of water (about 300 - 500ml) and add only 3 drops of fairy dishwasher.. Use this to spray the back of the decal and the surface to be put on.. If the decal comes off when you remove the transfer tape, squeegee it again and leave a few hours or overnight and try the transfer tape again..


A few Fitting Tips:
Clean area well before fitting sign.. 
Use a ruler or tape measure to set the sign in the correct place... 
Use a credit card as a squeegee tool... 

Use a hair dryer to warm up the sign and car panel before fitting in cold weather... 



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